Jūratė Vaičikonė Management Consultant and HR Practitioner


Jūratė Vaičikonė

Management Consultant and HR Practitioner

Areas of expertise: effective leadership, leadership  skills development, team management, HR assessment. 

Jūratė has the profound and long-lasting management experience while contributing to one of the most advanced international companies in Lithuania. While delivering her job, she has taken participation in majority of ultimate projects, complementing to reorganising company internal divisions, challenging motivation, delegation, performance monitoring and other HR development issues. Consultant was also committed to inspiring employees in tough work situations and applying her competencies for both individual coaching and talent development.

Jūratė is equipped with critical and creative thinking skills which allow her quickly react and find the right methods and solutions for any case or emergency organisation is going trough.

Consultant focuses on the leadership practices, applied psychology, motivation and team development areas in order to help management to establish cohesive, empathy-driven and open relationship between the organisation and its employees.