Internal Assessments

We stand for the profound experience in organisational assessments. Hereby we mostly use only valid international acknowledged instruments and platforms. We Engage and Develop Your Employees with minimal effort and maximum impact by using the acknowledged software systems from our partners Custominsight. Emotional competence index or team effectiveness measurement instrument is designed  by Genos International. And Freddie the Coach, our virtual trainer is specifically oriented to support both virtual and physical trainings, as well as creating fully digital trainings.

Training & Coaching

To develop the  competitive mindset we have established 4 competency centers of excellence: Leadership & Management HUB, Organisational Growth HUB, Sales Management HUB, Employee Development HUB.  Here our experienced, multi-skilled, consultants and trainers are sharpening their mind, cooperating with international units to develop and deliver for the market the services of ultimate quality. More, our educational pool is enriched with virtual coaches, game-based learning heroes to implement full scope of hybrid and future learning into todays experience.

Consulting Projects

Consulting Projects run by TMD meet all live challenges faced by a organisations. Customer service standards refer to the interactions between a business and customer, and the resulting customer expectations. Mentorship projects, involving mentor and mentee, create a long-term plan and help employees smoothly develop their professional abilities. With proper performance management corporate heads can monitor and evaluate employees' work and keep their teams on track. And optimal organizational structure allows  to achieve the goals with less resources at a time.

Corporate Events

The target audience of our corporate events is defined as broad, including but not limited to: employees, board members, stakeholders, middle and top level managers, sales force, etc. We deliver the outcomes in many different forms, as conferences, speaking engagements, teambuildings, kick-offs, to name a few. Designed with authenticity, our corporate events place a high focus on team buildings and developing of organisational culture. Concepts are enriched with physical and emotional activities and devoted to open the mindset for better teamwork and high results.

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