Deividas Rafanavičius
Managing Partner | CEO

Expert in Emotional intelligence, customer centricity, client service management, team building.

Areas of expertise: Emotional intelligence, customer service and loyalty, internal and external cooperation, conflict management, building successful networking.

Deividas is an expert in customer centricity, helping organisations to increase customer loyalty, align  service activities by introducing various customer experience management projects. The consultant develops teams and influence organizational culture by  original created training programs or business events and is eligible to deliver them to various audiences (20+, 50+, 100+, 600+ participants). He encourages cooperation in organisations, helps their members to develop and apply effective working standards. Deividas also advises senior management teams on strategic customer management issues, moderates strategic workshops, develops talents and prepares internal coaches.  He has completed programs in Executive Chairman Education, Executive Education as a Professional Board Member in Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance and is certified to work with  IPB Partners DiSC and Thomas International methodologies. Deividas is also GENOS certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner and Master Trainer.

Dalius Mardasas
Senior Consultant | Head Of Employee Development HUB

Expert in Team Building,  Organizational Culture Development and Emotional Intelligence 

Areas of expertise: effective communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management and cooperation.

Dalius has a profound experience in  experiential  learning and building  a mindfulness framework. The training programs he focuses on are increasing the effectiveness of team communication, employee engagement and personal results. He is a co-author of many Active Experiential Team Building events and owner of "Business being", a unique personal effectiveness programme inspired by different schools of psychology.  Dalius also  has prepared and delivered a series of presentations about cooperation and emotional competency.

He is a Certified DiSC WILEY consultant, EAGT Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Member of the Association for Somatic Experiencing (Italy),  an author of numerous leadership and organisational culture projects (in 2017, “Telia” communication culture programme was recognised as the best HR practice at PVPA "HR Best Practices" Annual Conference).

Gintarė Buinickaitė
Consultant | Employee Development HUB

Expert in developing emotional competencies, stress and conflict management, cooperation and teamwork.

Consultant specializes in emotional intelligence, teamwork and collaboration, time management, stress and conflict management, as well as working with different personalities.

Gintare has years of experience in managing different teams, developing and coaching employees as well as managers of all levels. Consultant has spent most of her career working for multinational corporations (Western Union, AIG, Ahlstrom, Citco), helped them establish Excellence centers in Vilnius. Gintare also worked for the CEO of Western Union in their Denver, USA, office, where she managed various projects while working with top management and gained management experience working with multicultural teams. 

Gintarė Varnelė
Partner | Head of Leadership & Management HUB

Management, Leadership and HR Consultant, ICF certified Business Coach

Areas of expertise: effective leadership, individual executive coaching, mentoring, talent education programs, emotional competence.

Gintare has explicit international experience in various business organizations. Excellent knowledge of processes in manufacturing, service and trade sectors. Fluency in several foreign languages has opened opportunities to lead various international educational projects and train international audience. Gintare is strongly oriented towards the authenticity of a person. Her professional goal is to help managers create genuine empathy, develop relationships built on listening to one another and collaboration. As the expert, Gintare advises organizations on issues of talent management system, develops and implements continuous managerial and employee education programs. She is certified to work with  IPB Partners DiSC, Barrett culture assessment methodologies.

Agnė Byčiūtė
Consultant | Leadership & Management HUB

Management and Leadership Consultant and Practitioner

Areas of expertise: effective leadership, mentoring, leadership development programes, time management, strategic management, performance appraisal process 360.

Extensive experience in diverse industries and business companies. Agnė has a profound  experience in production, trade companies and education. Business development in export markets has brought deep insights about diverse cultures and understanding of multicultural business. Implementation of new strategies, building teams, hiring people and looking for the most effective ways of work brought deep knowledge and understanding about success in the business and effective people and teams management. 

Agnė is deepening her knowledge in motivation,  effective management, employee engagement areas, development of empathy and sustainable relationships in organizations.

Consultant has graduated Executive MBA in Business Management Institute and posses two Master degrees.

Laura Kozlovaitė
Consultant | Leadership & Management HUB

Leadership and organizational development expert, practitioner

Areas of expertise: long-term education programs for executives and leaders, executive coaching, team coaching, mentoring, performance appraisal process, 360 ° appraisal of managerial competencies, development of selection and recruitment processes.

The consultant has accumulated many years of practical work experience in implementing and developing HR management processes in international and public sector organizations, raising new managers, and developing training programs tailored to diversity. Laura advises organizations on implementation of development systems, helps to compile annual employee development plans, refines the competencies to be developed by managers, helps to create and implement performance appraisal processes.

The consultant holds a Master degree in Organizational Psychology and Executive Business Management (EMBA). Laura is also an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified individual education expert.

Lina Bylienė
Consultant | Sales management HUB

Active personal selling and negotiation consultant, customer service expert.

Areas of expertise: active selling, negotiation and alignment of interests, shaping customer needs, selling value, persuasion, conflict management, building and managing long-term customer relationships, customer service.

Lina is an experienced practitioner who has worked successfully in sales and training, managing teams and developing their people.  Consultant has experience working with both new and mature salespeople, has experience working with contact centres, and has mastered the nuances of telesales. She has an excellent knowledge of the specifics of daily work and the principles of developing teams that require influence, alignment of interests and customer service skills. She has experience in designing and implementing competency models, running mentoring programmes, shaping learning cultures and strengthen values in organisations. She focuses on taking personal responsibility for own development, putting skills into practice and putting them into action to achieve the best possible results.

Domantė Kibirkštytė
Consultant | Employee Development HUB

Employee Development Consultant, Corporate Wellbeing Expert

Areas of expertise: emotional intelligence, stress and conflict management, resilience,
effective communication, collaboration, corporate wellbeing, executive and team

Consultant has years of experience working for an international group of companies,
with offices in London and Brussels. As a result, she is well-acquainted with fast-paced,
competitive and multicultural corporate environment. Domantė was responsible for the
design and implementation of learning and development and employee wellbeing
programs. Consultant’s experience and commitment to constant growth has contributed
to the evolution of her own holistic approach to people management, corporate culture
and wellbeing. Today, Domantė is empowering employees to not merely survive in high
stress environments, but to thrive.

Consultant is ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited and ANE International
(Academy of Neuroscience and Education) certified executive and team coach, Tony
Robbins Mastery University student, Stanford University certified nutrition expert, yoga
teacher and a holistic wellness practitioner.

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